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Street Racer

3D racing game with top-down view. Race to victory in the world of street racing
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26 April 2012

Editor's review

Racing games have for a long time caught special attention from gamers all over the world. The adrenaline driven sports of Racing has long been fantasized by gamers all over the world to come to the virtual ground so that they can enjoy the sport without even hitting the actual track. After this popular sport was converted into a game it has seen a large surge in sales and the popularity of various titles skyrocketed to a new high. Today most racing games are available for different consoles but it is largely popular on the PC. Street Racer 1.12 is the latest racing games available in the market today and is designed especially for the PC console.

Most graphically enhanced 3D games today dominate the PC gaming market and especially action/adventure games are the ones who receives a lot of publicity and due to which they tend to get more attention from the users. However, 2D gaming and classic gaming are not dead altogether as there are a lot of games which still have a simple interface and are still interesting to play. Racing games have also evolved through time and today some popular titles come with 3D graphics. Street Racer 1.12 is also a graphically enhanced 3D racing game with a top-down view making it a very interesting game to play. In this game you have to participate in various racing competitions which take place at various locations around the world. Here you need to finish first in each race to participate in more competitions and unlock various races. After finishing one race a new car is being unlocked. Moreover, there are two modes i.e., single racing and championship. You can easily switch between both the modes at your own convenience.

To conclude, Street Racer 1.12 is a game with a very neat interface and the best part is that it supports 3D graphics which are usually not found in many free games. Overall, we liked the game very much and highly recommend this to our users as an alternative to expensive racing games and give it a rating of 4 stars.

Publisher's description

3D racing game with top-down view. Race to victory in the world of street racing. Finish first at each race to participate in more competitions. Unlock new car after every two races finished. Play in two game modes: single race and championship. In single race mode you can pick any level that you have finished in championship mode.
Street Racer
Street Racer
Version 1.24
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this game very cool
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